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Saving Trees

21 May

 In this post we have shared “Saving Trees“, that you can use to promote the cause of saving trees. Trees are an important part of our ecology and the most important Natural resource, as it produces oxygen on which the existence of human being  is dependent. Without trees, we can’t imagine about our mere existence.

Tree provides us fresh air and oxygen without which existence of life on this earth is impossible. Trees have played an important role throughout the human history by helpng us in various ways. However, in the recent centuries we have been using our natural resources in such a way that, we might be exhausted of our precious natural resources and trees are one of them.

Trees do not provide oxygen only, they play an important role in the ecology system also, ecological imbalance can cause flood, drought  and various other natural calamities that can lead to destruction of life from this earth. Therefore it’s important that we save the trees we have in order to maintain ecological balance and we should also plant more and more trees to save the destruction of life from this earth.

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